Accepted Papers

  • Marek Ciglan, Michal Laclavík and Alex Dorman, Reusing Knowledge Hidden in Wikipedia for Scalable Text Categorization
  • Guangyu Wu, Oisín Boydell and Pádraig CunninghamHigh-Throughput, Web-Scale Data Stream Clustering
  • Nathan Kallus, Predicting Crowd Behavior with Big Public Data
  • Faizan Javed, Matt McNair, Ferosh Jacob and Meng Zhao, Towards a Job Title Classification System (short paper)
  • Klemens Muthmann and Alina Petrova, An Automatic Approach for Identifying Topical Near-Duplicate Relations between Questions from Social Media Q/A Sites
  • Cornelia Caragea, Jian Wu, Kyle Williams, Sujatha Das G., Madian Khabsa, Pradeep Teregowda and C. Lee Giles, Automatic Identification of Research Articles from Crawled Documents
  • Raphael Puget, Nicolas Baskiotis and Patrick Gallinari, Scalable Learnability Measure for Hierarchical Learning in Large Scale Multi-Class Classification